10 Things to do in Mokpo

 photo 13181257_1740026656236139_1748750843_n_zpsq7e1qy4v.jpg
Hike Yudalsan 유달산 and see the sculpture park. Hop on a bus or take a taxi towards 유달산 .
 photo 11054806_10204120742634213_8899925045873544579_n_zpsfrlhgpzx.jpg
Just around the corner from Gatbawi 갓바위 There’s a small mountain you can hike. During the Cherry blossom season (March-April) it’s especially beautiful.
 photo 11052368_10204120738994122_2910757274085773174_n_zps5febvvfc.jpg
Visit Gatbawi (aka Hat Rock) and read about how it got it’s name. Follow the seaside to reach 갓바위
 photo IMG_20150913_165507907_zpstupkrewc.jpg
Watch the Mokpo Dancing Lights, walk along the sea, or watch events at Peace Park. 평화광장 tell a taxi pyeong hwa gwang jang.
 photo IMG_20151009_164521_zpsnta9st4d.jpg
Take a day trip to Wotchulsan for a great day hike!
 photo 1549303_10206033009879699_316923497153823053_n_zps40hshfsw.jpg
Hang out with foreigners and have a beer at Moe’s Bar & grill over on Rose Street. Take the 13 or 15 and stop at 장미거리, it’s next to Daiso.
 photo 13346695_10206593945182731_7879927784309986603_n_zpswxzwin0u.jpg
Gaze at the changing lights on Mokpo Bridge.
 photo 13450050_10153601717660079_7952271210826821891_n_zpsp4qnf8mm.jpg
Have a beach hammock party or picnic at Shinan Beache and watch the sunset over the Mokpo Bridge. 신난비치호텔
 photo 11188215_10204243484222676_4550980811963964518_n_zps0iamlbht.jpg
Go to the National History Museum and check out all the dinosaurs and creatures! Just next door there is  also a ceramics museum.
 photo 13754623_10210217285090734_6844280407157557366_n_zpsqkwsnojb.jpg
If you like ships and history, visit the Mokpo Maritime museum. You can even see the ruins of 2 or 3 different shipwrecks.

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