Life in Korea

Boseong GreenTea Fields

Ahhh the Boseong green tea fields, a true treasure of Jeollanam-do.

If you know anything about Korea, then you know that they are equally as obsessed with coffee shops as they are with green tea everything. From chocolates to ice creams and even green tea fed pigs, they take pride in their tea.

 photo Sort these 1368_zpslskrb54t.jpg
Here is my last batch of goodies purchased last time I visited. Some chocolates, a milkshake, and some interesting snacks. I also bought a couple of cute postcards to send home.

Lucky for me, I live about an hour away from Boseong and can go whenever I feel like going for a nice hike and rewarding myself with a delicious green tea churro and milkshake. I’ve been 3 times already and I’m dying to go in the winter when it’s covered with snow and lights for their Christmas festival. Unfortunately I missed it last year because I was in crutches with a serious injury, which I’ll talk about in another post ;).

My first impression of this place is “wow, how did they get these lines so perfectly wrapped around the mountain” and the next thought is “Holy crap look at the adjumas picking the tea, I wonder how long it takes them to harvest it all”.

The first time I hiked the fields, I went up the stairs and followed the people. This is a bad idea folks, and I’ll tell you why. 

  1. Climbing infinite stairs sucks, and the only thing worst than going up them, is knowing you’ll have to go back down.
  2. If you walk just a little to the left you’ll see the forest-y entrance, which will give you great pictures, and it’s also much easier to climb up than it is to climb down. The second time I went up the stairs I went down this little path and nearly slipped and fell into the small waterfall, that’s how I found out about it. I even saw a couple of Korean women wearing heels, like what the hell!?
  3. If you go up that little rock path you can also get to the top much easier and avoid crowds, you can even go to the “sea view” side. Then you can just go down the stairs and save your knees some pain.
 photo Sort these 1389_zpsxztcg48r.jpg
Here is a picture from the tippy top of the mountain. It’s quite a hike, but definitely worth it.

If you go up, or down, the stairs side you can snap a cliche photo in a pretty good spot to see the large section of the fields.

 photo Sort these 1396_zps5uxgvxrq.jpg
Don’t mind my awful haircut, but this is how green it is during the summer.

I’m really hoping to go to the winter festival this year so I can have pictures of my own to share with you all. I’m sure the contrast from summer to winter is going to be amazing based off the photos I’ve seen online.

All the photos on my site, with the exception of these 2 and 1 other in my “U.S Servicemen in Seoul” are taken by me. I will replace these photos with my own, but I want to share with you all what I have to look forward too! And kuddos to the photographers who took these (found them on google) they are stunning!

 photo 1963516_1_3_zpsgrndem2j.jpg


 photo EPV0743_zpsspwi86y6.jpg
Snow covered tea!

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