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Step into another world one coffee shop at a time~

While there are many unique cafes in Seoul, these are the 3 that are a must see! I hope you're ready for a caffeine overload! Just don't forget to bring your camera ;)

It all started with a picture I saw on Facebook about a poop-themed cafe in Seoul. Now, I’m not obsessed with poop. But after bringing up this strange place at Thanksgiving dinner, I found myself with an eager Italian partner in crime. During the week we kept messaging each other back and forth about other unique cafes in Seoul and this is what sparked our cafe tour.  We planned to meet in Seoul this weekend with the intention of visiting as many theme cafes as possible in 2 days. 

All That Sweets

What better way to get into the holiday spirit than drinking cute lattes with Christmas trees on top?!

This was our first stop on “Cafe Tour 2016” as it was one of the only ones open at 11 and not far from Hongdae (where we were staying). This cafe is located a bit tucked away near the “Namseong” metro station. It was super easy to find, just make sure you arrive early or you won’t find a seat! We walked in at exactly 11:05 and snagged the last table before snapping our photos of the cute macaroons and cookies. While their were many designs, we decided to go for the 2, presumably, most popular drinks. The Christmas tree uses green tea whipped cream, so if you don’t like green tea flavors mixing into your coffee I wouldn’t suggest it.

The Macaroons and meringues were the best part in my opinion. The coffee may look nice, but the taste is nothing special. Either way, I’m glad we checked this place out!

Poop Cafe

The long awaited poop cafe. After having walked all day through the Sinsa area to do a little shopping we decided to take a break and get some lunch at Vatos tacos. By far the best Mexican I’ve had in Korea. At this point it was already nearly 4pm and we needed to head in the direction of Insadong where the Poop, and hanbok, cafes are located. Lucky for us we arrived just as the people began flooding out of the subways to go to the Park Gun Hye president protest in the main area of Seoul. That meant that we needed to be quick in our adventure before it really became a nightmare.

Unfortunately the Hanbok cafe was no longer in Insadong, it has been replaced by “The Hanbok restaurant”. Not sure if that was intentional or a coincidence. More on that later!

I really love Insadong. It’s probably my favorite part of Seoul. I’m not sure how I missed this cafe having been here so many times! Unless you’re actively looking for it, it’s easy to miss. I mean, there are so many other cafes and tea houses that are more easily visible. This cafe is nestled on the top floor of the Ssamzie-gil plaza not far from Anguk Subway station. You can walk up the ramp and check out all the other cute shops while you make your way to the top.

The cafe also sells food now! A couple of other expats were there eating spaghetti out of the toilet bowls when we walked in! I am not sure if it tasted good, didn’t think to ask, but the portion size seemed decent enough. They also have a wide range of coffee flavors including “Mojito” and “rose” flavored lattes. Those lattes are the ones they serve in the toilet cup. *I’m not sure but I believe so*. But beware, the rose flavored latte may look Instagram-able, but it tastes like potpourri. :/

Hanbok cafe

After giving up our search for the Hanbok cafe in Insadong, we called another one we found located in Dongdaemun. The girl didn’t speak any English, but I somehow managed to arrange an appointment for the morning after when they open. *My Korean skills must be improving*.

After arriving there the next morning, we found out that this was the Hanbok Cafe that was in Insadong, but it had moved locations!

So if you too are looking for it, then you need to go to Dongdaemun History & Culture park (metro station) and it’s best you make an appointment. We were able to get our hair done and have the entire location to ourselves to take pictures in.

This cafe was the highlight of our trip.

The pricing is also reasonable.

15.000w for type 1 hanbok +5.000 for type 2 (prettier IMO) and +10 for the regal hanboks.

To get your hair done it’s only +5.000w and if you want make-up then that’s +25,000w.

My friend and I opted for the Type 2 hanboks and had them do our hair. The total, including the coffee which you get after you’re finished, was only 25,000w! We spent nearly 2 hours there taking pictures of each other, and we would have stayed longer if we didn’t have to catch our trains at 2!

There are many other unique and interesting cafes in Seoul, but unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to visit them all. If I get another chance to go to Seoul then I’ll definitely have to check out: Cat Cafe, Selkafe (Selfie printed in your coffee), and the Board Game Cafe. If you’ve been to these I’d love to hear from you!

If you want some help finding more things to do, check out a few of my favorite places in Seoul here. 

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