Game of Minds Busan

The first time I heard the word “Escape Room” I remember thinking that it sounded like something I wasn’t interested in. I mean, even the title is off-putting! It almost sounds like something you’d do to punish someone, not something you’d take your friends along and pay 40$ for. The second thing that ran through my mind was that maybe it was some weird freaky sex thing straight out of 50 Shades of Grey.

I was wrong on both accounts.

After being convinced by a friend that it was something worth trying, I made an appointment to do my first escape room and dragged along a couple of friends and my apprehensive boyfriend. We decided that since we were already in Busan, we might as well give it a shot. Especially because it was located not too far from one of our favorite Italian Pizzerias “La Figlia del Presidente”. (Seriously the best pizza you’ll find in all Korea).

There are 2 Game of Minds located in Busan and they each have different rooms to offer. One in Gwangalli and one in Seomyeon. Click here to check out their official website with updated rooms and make an appointment.

Obligatory Selfie Pre-Room

Since we were all fans of Harry Potter we decided to do the “Harra Potter” room. First we obviously had to sort into our houses, Hufflepuff hell yea, and then put on our robes.

I should mention that I’m not allowed to disclose anything specific about the rooms, per the little disclosure they make you sign at the beginning. You wouldn’t want to spoil it for anyone anyway, no one likes a cheater ;).

You can do it in English or Korean, as all the clues are in both languages.

Oh silly me! I haven’t even explained what an Escape room is! An Escape room is a room, well multiple rooms, that you must answer the clues to find your way out. You have to think outside the box, and divvy up the tasks at hand to be successful! It’s an excellent team building game and super fun for adults, and maybe for children as well though I found it to be challenging even for me and my friends.

In this Room we were able to be Harra Potter, lol, and escape with only 10 minutes left on the clock. Phew. You’re only given 60 minutes in the ones we did that evening.

While we did this room, we had another group of 4 that were doing the Davinchi escape room next door. They finished 5 minutes before we did and then all decided we wanted to do another one. Some went to the Cannibal one, hell no, and my group decided to try the Davinchi Escape Room….. We failed… 1:1.. I think by the time we had finished the first one we had all lost a bit of steam and I kind of wished I wouldn’t have done 2 in a row. Not to mention, my boyfriend wasn’t even trying in the second making him dead weight on the team.

We didn’t take any photos because we were ashamed that even though we used our 3 hints, the woman on the speaker gave us 5 and we still couldn’t escape the room ;-; Not even close.

In closing, this is something I can’t wait to do again! I’ve now discovered that they are all over the world so I’m going to do my best to find one in as many places as I can during my travels. I’m crazy for puzzles and the adrenaline that kicks in when you’re doing it, is a feeling like no other.

I’ve heard that there is an escape room in Milan that you are even all have your hands tied behind your back and start with all the lights off. Can’t wait to try that one!

Happy gaming everyone!

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