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Surprise visitor, Wan Chai, and 3 hour lines

A happy new year indeed

The first day of the new year I got a message from my current boyfriend that he was on his way to Hong Kong! He spent his entire new years eve on the bus watching the countdown from his phone. This was certainly a big shock for me as I had thought we’d already said our goodbyes a week before, but seems like he had found a window of opportunity.

In the morning I met up with Kevin and tried to find my new hotel to check in. My BF had booked us at the Rosedale, which was a huge upgrade from my dormitory bed the night before! I also made a new friend from Northern China and we spent the morning eating strange foods (watered down macaroni soup with eggs and squid… for breakfast) and talking about life in China.

“breakfast” ._.

She told me about the unhealthy conditions they live in, and how they are all used to it by now. It all started with me telling her about how the smog in Hong Kong was killing me, but apparently I haven’t seen anything in comparison to what they live in. She was very pleasant and surprisingly not shy about speaking with me in English, as I find many northern Asia residents are (Korea/China). She also told me that last night she waited 6 hours by Tsim Tsa Shui for the fireworks. I’m really glad I didn’t bother with the crowd and wait, but the video she showed me may have actually made me regret my decision. The firework show on the bay was spectacular! With a little regret in my heart I thanked her for showing me and we said our goodbyes.

Kevin was still a bit beat from all of our touristic walking adventures, and decided to go have a nap while I waited to see my man. Unfortunately for me, this weekend in Hong Kong was filled with political protests and also what looked like a convention for Indonesians? I asked one police officer if all the women I saw, wearing hijab and other traditional clothes I recognised from my trip to Jakarta, we all sitting around the city in protest along with the guys waving the signs. He said they were “community helpers” and from what I can tel they are just celebrating the new year by camping out here for the weekend.

I’d never seen that area so packed full of people. Somehow I managed to slither through all of the crowds 3 times before I finally found my BF. I then escorted him to our hotel and we planned our evening.


Victoria Peak

We decided at about 5pm to head over to Victoria Peak to try and see the sun setting and night view that was suggested to me by my friend. Here’s the thing. My friend had emphasised that we should not take the tram because the crowd will be insane, especially because of the holiday. As much as I tried to convince my BF he was adamant to take the tram…. That was until we actually got there and saw the line was about 3.5 hours long…

So guys if you’re wanting to do the Peak, take the bus or a taxi up there. It’s worth the price (and it’s not expensive).

Hungry and tired, Kevin and I were both pushing to go to find a rooftop restaurant somewhere nearby and rest. After a bit of convincing, we all agreed and headed towards Wan Chai.

Walking through the bank district

Rooftop Bars

Our first stop in Wan Chai was a place called Wooloomooloo, a popular Australian steakhouse and rooftop bar. As expected it was $$$$ expensive. We decided to just have a drink there and then change locations for food. I’m tellin’ you guys when I say I felt fancy, I mean I felt like a Hollywood star drinking a 103$(KGD) martini that tasted like heaven. The entire time we splurged and spent a little too much money (aka the hotel, the helicopter, and this fancy rooftop bar) my friend Kevin would play the theme song from Narcos. I guess he was right, it did feel like we were rich drug lords even though in reality we werent spending THAT much money…

The place we settled on for dinner was a really great Italian restaurant, called Pirata. The prices were pretty good considering the food we were served and the overall ambience of the place. We even were lucky enough to have a waiter from Mallorca, Spain who gave us a free aperitivo and spoke happily with us in Spanish.

I really need to get a better camera…

Overall another successful day in Hong Kong~


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