Dinner in Brisbane

After a day of intense theme parks my friend and I decided to go to Brisbane for dinner. It’s only about an hour away from Surfer’s Paradise, where we were staying, and Emma had a friend up there willing to meet up. The weather wasn’t going to be so inviting, but it’s Queensland and it’s notorious for being rainy during the summer. That didn’t stop us and we hopped in the car and drove North anyway.

My first impression of Brisbane was that it resembled a very contemporary and corporate city. During the week I imagine it is probably littered with people dressed in suits. Though we did come on a weekend, the nightlife seemed almost nonexistent. We found Emma’s friend and she led us on a promenade around the city.

The first stop was at the BRISBANE sign so I could take a typical tourist photo. Unfortunately other people had the same idea and it was virtually impossible to be alone with the sign for a good picture. 😦 There was also a giant Ferris wheel and a man-made beach. This is the highlight that Emma wanted to show me. There were kids swimming happily and it looked like a great place to spend a sunny afternoon. It’s pretty cool to see a beach in the middle of a city I have to admit. Though that was quickly shattered when Emma’s friend told me that the homeless people used it to bathe in… Now all I can picture is all the kids swallowing the water and playfully spitting it at their friends….. Yum!


We eventually made our way to this really hip trendy restaurant area. We settled on this small bar that had local craft beers and bar foods like burgers and wings. I decided to try the most Ozzy thing on the menu by getting one of each of the burger sliders. They all had toppings I’d never tried before such as  halloumi cheese and  had beetroot. It did not disappoint, they were magnificent! The cider was also pretty refreshing. I could not have been happier with my first Aussie burger experience.

Another terrible quality photo, sorry ❤

We then headed to a really cool dessert bar. That’s right, a dessert bar! They had chocolate martinis and cocktails with ice cream and whipped cream. Rather than have a sugar rush and a possible upset stomach from mixing all that sugary goodness with alcohol, we  settled for some churros and ice cream.

Dessert bar


Though there were some places with live music, I could tell that perhaps Brisbane wasn’t exactly the most exciting city to be in. This was verified when Emma’s friend said she typically goes to Surfer’s Paradise every weekend to have a good time. Then again our time was so short and we only had an evening to explore. It’s hard to judge a city based off one evening! So with happy filled stomachs we headed back to Gold Coast to go to sleep.


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