Road Trip and Australia’s Big things

Road Trip!

After a a couple of action-packed days in the Gold Coast, it was time to head South to Sydney. Before we started our adventure, we needed to stop for fuel. By fuel, I mean food of course! If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m a bit of a foodie. I probably spend 30 minutes a day planning what/where I’m going to eat. After some food research I found a really good cafe on the way to the highway. Since I’d been eating so unhealthily all week, I figured I should try something lighter. I ordered this awesome fruit and yogurt bowl and a dirty chai. A dirty chai, I found out, is a chai latte with a shot of espresso. Yummmm. With full tummies we jumped back into the car and the hype was becoming real. I was finally going to Sydney!!!!

I have always a fan of taking road trips. Even though I get carsick very easily I was looking forward to the 8 hour journey ahead. Since I was sitting in the passengers seat, that meant I was the appointed DJ for the entire trip. SWEET~ I decided to put on some tunes from my old Emo/HxC days (ya know, back in the day when side bangs in your eyes and multicolored hair was cool). Emma was totally cool with it and surprisingly enough, even sang along to some of the songs.

About 4 hours into the drive Emma made the executive decision to stop somewhere for the night. But not just anywhere! *drumroll please* 

The home of The Big BANANA!


Okay, so here’s the thing. Apparently this is a beloved landmark for Australian’s and they are proud of their BIG fruit/things? There are other cities in Aussie that feature such beauties as:

The Big Beer Can
The Big Prawn
The Big Merino (lol it’s so fat)
The Big Mango

And my personal favorite

The Giant Koala…. It’s terrifying.

Unfortunately the only one I was able to see was The Big Banana because it was on the way to our destination. We also decided to camp out in Coff’s Harbour for the night and continue our journey in the morning.

Coff’s Harbour

I really don’t have many words for our evening in this city. We arrived at our hotel and everything seemed normal enough. The woman at the front desk of the hotel pointed out some things to do on the map, and then directed us to our room. Just outside in the parking lot there were a few sketchy characters just sitting outside. I didn’t think too much of it, maybe they were just… people watching? The highlight of the evening is when we decided to hit up Hungry Jacks (basically Burger King) for dinner.

My goodness what a sight. If I didn’t know what Bogan meant before, I definitely learned that night in Hungry Jacks in Coff’s Harbour. I’d heard that “Bogan” was basically the Australian version of the American “Redneck”.

Let me give you a mental image to see if you agree with me:

Nearly everyone inside was barefoot, at least 4 people had a mullet, 6 had clothes that didn’t fit them, I saw 1 rat tail (the hairstyle), and few massively obese people (similar to what you’ll find in the USA). I’m talking like, in an electric wheelchair kind of massive.

I truly felt like I was back home and I’d stepped into a Wal-Mart in the most redneck part of town. It was beautiful.

Note: This is not meant to offend anyone from Coff’s Harbour, merely for comedic purposes. Though I’m sure many of you would agree with me.

But overall I found the food to be pretty tasty and super cheap. It was literally the cheapest meal I could have ever hoped for in Australia. 5$ for a cheeseburger, drink, fries, chicken nuggets, and an ice cream?! Like, Hell yes!

And that my friends is what I call an interesting night.

Before arriving to Coff’s, we actually stopped at the amazing Currumbin’s Wildlife Sanctuary. If you wanna read about it, click here!


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