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Bondi to Coogee Beach & Scenic walk

The lazy travel veteran

Having traveled extensively for the past 4 years of my life, I’ve found myself getting more and more lazy when it comes to planning my trips.

The old me:

  • Booked all the tours months in advanced
  • Accepted any challenge and invitation that came my way, especially if that meant waking up eagerly at 6am for a 4 hour hike
  • wrote in my travelog daily without excuses
  • Ate healthy/cheap food
  • And gone to sleep early.

The “new” me:

“Hike? Alarm?!…. Let’s just do the other hike that’s only an hour and then come home to watch Netflix.” *Is 3 weeks behind in blog writing, eats everything, sleeps too much, doesn’t plan anything and just says “fuck it let’s see what happens today”*

I think if anything this just shows how lazy I’m becoming, rather than a factor of age as I’m only 24. So when a girl I’d met from the GirlsLOVEtravel Facebook group asked to meet up for a 4 hour hike to Manly Beach I respectfully declined and told her we could meet later that week. Taking my aching legs into account from all of the walking I’d already done around Sydney I decided to do the easier 1 hour walk from Bondi to Coogee beach, that way I could also go for a swim. This walk also had more ratings and stars on TripAdvisor so I felt like it was a definite MUST see.

Bondi Beach


The first thing I noticed upon walking on the beach was the soft white sand. It reminded me of the sand in my local beach, Clearwater beach, where I would often go when I skipped school (don’t judge I still managed to get straight A’s). The other thing that caught my eye was the beautiful street art that had been covered by ugly tagging. This was pretty upsetting, but I had no idea just how common it was until I went to Hosier Lane in Melbourne.

Anyway! I was lucky enough that I could put my things in a locker for 2$ up by the bathrooms, bringing nothing but my towel and my cell phone. Do you ever tell yourself so many times not to forget something only to forget that thing? Well that happened to be with the sunblock. I kept telling myself “bring your sunblock to put on the beach instead of all these people or you’ll burn” only to find that I’d left it in my already locked locker…. Oh well, guess I’ll use my shirt to cover my shoulders. *Spoiler alert* that didn’t work. I actually contemplating asking the girls in front of me to borrow some sun cream only to notice that apparently all everyone uses in Australia is tanning cream…. FML..

It was so hot outside that I  was just ready to say “fuck it” and jump into the water. I crept towards it and dipped my toes only to feel the freezing icy water. NOPE. I knew I wasn’t going to get that photo of me in the water to Photoshop a shark with, so this is as close as I got.

Excellent MS paint skills

A bit of backstory: My mother is terrified of traveling and watches all kinds of documentaries on TV. In the USA many of our discovery channel and animal planet shows show the dangers of Australia and it’s animals. Here’s a compilation of the conversation with my mother about the dangers of Australia, you’ll have to forgive her broken English, my mothers first language is Spanish lol. %ec%a0%9c%eb%aa%a9-%ec%97%86%ec%9d%8c

Getting to Bondi beach was so simple even a caveman could do it. There’s a direct line to the beach and then there’s an organised line for the bus that will drop you off right in front of the beach. I’d suggest just following the people wearing swim suits.

Coogie Beach walk

Since I’d decided not to go into the water, I retrieved my things and headed towards Coogee. The path is not marked, but there are many people that seem to run/walk this route for daily exercise. There isn’t much uphill so it’s fairly easy to get around, unless you’re in a wheelchair. Then I probably wouldn’t recommend it. It is absolutely spectacular. A definite must see! I walked along the water taking in all the views I could and taking so many pictures that could never do it justice. The water is a beautiful shade of translucent blue, and the colors of the rock contrasts beautifully against it.



I walked for about 25 minutes before I found what I thought was Coogee beach and set up camp under a nicely shaded rock. By now my arms are completely red and sensitive to touch and I just want to escape the brutal Australian sun. This beach didn’t have any lockers and I didn’t want to leave my things unattended I’ve been robbed twice in my travels making me extra careful of my belongings so I decided to just take a nap under the rock on the warm sand for a few hours. I posted my accomplishment on Facebook with many beautiful photos of my successful adventure, only to find that I WASN’T EVEN AT COOGEE YET! I WAS ONLY HALFWAY THERE AT BRONTE BEACH.

Sweaty, tired, and sun burnt I checked my GPS and made the decision to fight my screaming body and finish the walk. After all, I had already bragged about it on FB, I couldn’t lie to the public! The next section of the walk was under construction after a typhoon destroyed part of it. This meant taking the long way. Yay! Walking through the cemetery you  can find another spectacular view.

20170110_150428 Breathtaking, I might say but it could sound inappropriate if you know what I mean.15965302_10208316559847021_6439379764938304808_n

After the Cemetery there’s a small rocky beach that apparently has great snokeling with many big fish. I wish I would have known before, because I would have sooner brought my gear. So sad.20170110_153245

Coogee Beach20170110_154053

FINALLY I’D MADE IT! I walked down victoriously to the edge of the beach, watching all the people sunbathing everywhere and captured my final photo of the day. Then I walked directly to the bus and went home. I had no stamina to even TRY and stay there longer than 5 minutes. WORTH IT.



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