Dog Beach and Manly’s Fish & chips

Read about my adventure at Manly and a random dog beach in Sydney!

I’m going to give a heads up and tell you all that I’m going to fit 2 days into 1 post. 2-4-1 if you will ;). “But, why?” Well, that’s a good question! Mainly because there was nothing exciting about my day yesterday, but I feel like it still deserves a mention. Also on the train I saw a man who was a serious doppelgänger of my grandpa. That also deserves a mention.


Rose Bay dog beach

I started off the day by heading to Cafe Amici, aka the cafe I spent my boring afternoons at, and waited to hear back from one of the Italian guys working there. The night before, he had invited me to a random birthday party (you can read about that here) and then told me that if I wanted company at the beach he would take me. Thus far, since arriving in Australia, I have not gone for a swim at the beach. Who likes swimming at the beach alone anyway? So I sat in the Cafe drinking my ice cream latte and waiting for him to get off his shift so we could head to Bondi Beach.

Turns out we weren’t even going to Bondi, but some other beach not far from it.


This beach had dogs running around freely. It seemed very popular for locals with small children and dogs, but definitely not tourists. The most curious thing were the amount of topless women sunbathing on the beach. That is certainly a shock to me. You would NEVER see that at my beach in Florida. I tried to avert my eyes respectfully, but I was just so shocked! Aussies really are obsessed with getting an even tan it would seem.

Determined to go for a swim I walked further and further towards a good view of the Sydney Bridge, avoiding all the floating dog turds, but the water never got deep enough to wade in. Giving up, I just threw myself under the knee-height water and stared at the sunset. After a very short, but enjoyable swim, we went for authentic pizza and then I went home! Fin.

The Rocks district Part II

I’d made plans to meet up with Katie, my British acquaintance that I’d bailed on to go to Coogee beach, to have a stroll around Sydney’s CBD (Central Business District). So naturally I stopped at Cafe Amici, again, to grab a delicious latte and say goodbye to them for the last time. In 5 minutes I was in and out of there and trying to find my way back to Circular Quay. Lucky for me, parts of the Quay were under construction, making it even more difficult for me to find Katie. When I finally reunited with my long-lost acquaintance, she also had a dutch friend with her. I don’t remember her name, unfortunately, but I know it’s from a famous french cartoon… or something like that. 

The first order of business was to go to the “oldest pub in Sydney”. We peaked our head into the first one and upon noticing the lack of available seats and the abundance of creepy middle-aged men, we decided to go to the OTHER oldest existing pub in Sydney. There were fewer people and it was, overall, a much cozier atmosphere.

The next order of business was to go to the post office near the center and then go to a fancy bar. Andy, my German acquaintance, had recommended I go to O-bar (orbit) as it is a hidden treasure of Sydney. I made the guess that “orbit” meant that it rotated around the city. It did. Unfortunately, the dutch girl was wearing shorts, which is against their formal dress code, and upon reaching the hostess we were immediately sent away. I was still glad I could see the view for a few minutes, and it saved me 30$ for 1 cocktail. So, Ha! Jokes on you hostess lady, I didn’t wanna spend money here anyway! But seriously, go there if you can. It’s pretty cool.

Manly Beach

During the weekdays I always seem to beat Emma home from work. When she walks through the door I’m already 3 episodes deep in OA on Netflix. So the fact that she had beaten me home today was a surprise. What’s even more surprising is her offer to go to Manly Beach immediately. Fuck it, why not? I didn’t even take my shoes off and walked straight back out the door. It took us about 45 minutes to get to the beach and by the time we’d made it there, the sun had already began setting.


There were so many people walking around and drinking at it wasn’t even 8pm yet! Instead of joining them we focused on finding Fish&Chips. Here’s the kicker, Emma is allergic to fish. She drove me all the way out here so I could try it. We were a bit late for the super fresh fish, but we managed to order the last fish the store had available. A bit disappointed that they didn’t give me tartar sauce, Emma poured a strange orange powder all over my food. Chicken Salt. I have no idea what is in this, nor do I want to know, but it is an Aussie favourite. Don’t believe me, take the word of my Aussie friend living in Korea. 제목 없음.jpg Overall it was a pretty great day, I was glad to spend time with Emma and go to Manly beach. Though I wish I would have to during the day, Manly seems like a pretty great place for an afternoon picnic. Guess I’ll just have to come back someday!


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