Blue Mountains Aka”The Grand Canyon of Australia”

The Three Sisters

Only a two hour journey from Sydney you can find the magnificent Blue Mountains. Emma and I woke up fairly early to make our way out there, but neither of us was feeling very well. Me, exhausted from a week of being a hardcore tourist. And Emma, exhausted after a 50 hour work week. Nevertheless! A promise is a promise and we HAD to see the Blue Mountains today! The journey up is quite beautiful and you are surrounded by winding roads and views of various mountains. I knew we were getting close when the car was driving at a 40 degree angle through a small town off the highway. I could see the reflecting blue light from the car! It took every fiber in my being to not jump out the car before Emma had parked it. I grabbed my cameras and sprinted past the people having picnics around this beautiful moment, presumably built in memory of the people who paved the way around the mountain.


The weather was perfect! The blues of the skies contrasting against the greens of the grass is enough to tantalize anyone’s soul into never leaving. Luckily, there weren’t many tourists when we arrived and I was able to get a great spot on the rail to take a billion photos of the Three Sisters.

The Three Sisters. Aka 3 rocks standing beside each other. 


The reason that the Blue Mountains are blue, is largely due to the oil bearing Eucalyptus trees that are so abundant. The interaction between these Eucalyptus trees, dust particles, and water vapors create a magical looking blue color when playfully bouncing off the waves of light from the atmosphere.

I was transfixed.

I spent 1 hour just standing by that rail watching these breath-taking mountains. It was then that I heard Emma explain that this was “The Grand Canyon” for Australia. I’ve never been to The Grand Canyon, but now I have a very strong desire to go when I return to the USA.

Just below the rail we stood by, there is another rail that puts you closer to the Three Sisters. The pictures below were taken with my xiaomi Yi action camera basically I’m too cheap to buy a GoPro so I got the Chinese version that works just as well IMO. 


Emma was very uninterested in seeing the mountains and sat down waiting for me to be finished with my fascination. She mentioned a hiking trail that I could do, but it would take 4 hours. Judging by her condition and wanting to be a good friend, I decided it best not to do any hiking. I hope I won’t sooner come to regret that.

Eating Kangaroo

It was my last night is Sydney, so what did I want to do? Eat Kangaroo! Duh! I’ve eaten:

Llama, guinea pig, horse, rabbit, bugs, chicken hearts, cow blood, cow testes, snail, live octopus, fermented skate (stingray), raw fish/beef, alligator, and I can’t think of anything else at the moment but I’m not afraid of trying new foods. I think it’s important to try the local cuisine and if that means eating something I would never normally eat, I’ll try it. You never know until you try it! I was never a picky eater, especially after living in Korea where you have no idea what’s on your plate you just have to eat it. So I settled on the Kangaroo Kebabs because, why not? I also couldn’t find the amazing Gaytime ice cream I love so much and settled on “fairy bread” ice cream.


Fairy bread is toast with butter and sprinkles on it. A favorite of the Dutch and apparently Australians too! When I tried this for the first time in the Netherlands, I really loved it! However in ice cream form I’d give it a 2/10, would not recommend. It just tasted like eating cold butter, gross.

The Kangaroo Kebabs smelled SO FUCKING TERRIBLE! I’d heard that Kangaroo was a gamy meat, but I didn’t realize that cooking it was going to make me want to vomit. 10 minutes later and nearly all the blood and juices had stuck to the pan, the smell of kangaroo was now permeating through the house  and Emma was NOT happy. She HATES kangaroo and the only time she ate it she threw up.

Moment of truth

It wasn’t bad. It wasn’t good, but it wasn’t bad. Maybe if I went to a professional that actually cooks this thing on the daily, I might like it more. I mean, I’m not a chef by any stretch of the imagination. I’m the kind of girl that has cut her hand on an eggshell… YES AN EGGSHELL.

If you’d like to read more about my adventures in Australia, click here!

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