Australia Travel tips

First night in Canberra

Emma had a business meeting in Canberra on Monday and offered me a ride there. I hadn’t really thought about going to Canberra because literally everywhere I looked online said it wasn’t worth visiting. Or, if you did visit you could get everything done within 2 days. Emma insisted that it was a nice place to visit and convinced me to come.

The 4 hour drive went by rather quickly. We spent most of our time counting the dead kangaroos and wallabies splattered across the road. Our final count was somewhere in the high 20’s. When driving inland you see a bit of the “outback” and by that I mean you can see the kangaroos jumping around in the wild. During the drive, Emma told me a very creepy true story. Apparently in one of the small towns on the way to Canberra, there was a man who killed around 12 backpackers. It became known as “The Backpacker Murders”. The story was so famous that it was even turned into a movie called Wolf Creek. I was told not to watch it if I ever wanted to keep backpacking in the future. Emma told me that they found body parts buried in the state forest years after the travelers disappearance. Good thing my mom was only worried about the dangerous Aussie animals and not the people! I figured it best not to mention that little part to her in fear that she’ll have more reasons to worry about me.

The most fattening milkshake ever

Patissez is a bakery in Canberra that people flock to for the infamous “Freak Shakes”. As soon as we arrived into the city, this was our first stop. Having done my research in the car on the different flavours, I settled on trying THE KING. Here’s what they have to say about it on their instagram:

T H E K I N G is not dead!!!!!
He returns to us with a vengeance loaded with some serious mojo 😎💪🏼 He bares the soul of peanut butter white chocolate ganache & maple bacon crumb – dresses in salted caramel & drapes of gooey choc fudge sauce – the head that bears the crown is all fluffy chocolate mousse with a crown of fried cinnamon brioche & toasted marshmallow s’more 👀 oh & a salted caramel injection just because he’s that bad ass 🤘🏽 LONG LIVE THE KING!!!! #Patissez #FreakShake #FreakShakes#TheKingLives

Above is my Before & after photosIt was just decadent. I think it took me 5 minutes to figure out where to start, but within 3 minutes I had already finished all of it. I may have felt like I was just ran over by a sugar truck, but god it was worth it! At 14$ a shake, it better have been worth it amirite? Not only do they have yummy shakes….


but they also have crazy looking cakes!

This place is a must-see if you go to Canberra!

More junk food and terror

Having only eaten that freak shake all day, Emma had the bright idea of ordering pizza. Why pizza? Because nearly every restaurant/everything is closed on Sunday evenings in Canberra. I literally thought I was going to vomit after all of the calories I had consumed within 6 hours. I lie in the hotel bed super still waiting for the food baby to disappear and trying not to disturb it. Emma then looks over to me from her bed and says “would you mind if I drove home to Sydney tonight?” 😦 Turns out she didn’t have to work in Canberra anymore because her meeting was cancelled. Rather than wake up at 6am to drive to work in Sydney, she told me she’d rather drive 4 hours back home. Now I just want you guys to know how much of a chicken shit I am. I always stay in hostels because I like that if there is an emergency, there are always people around me. I’m terrified of sleeping in hotel rooms alone. I always have been, but Emma had already paid for this room so I had no choice but to stay.

I spent most of my night clinging to my blankets in the twin bed beside the wall. that’s right, I didn’t even move over to the queen bed that Emma had left vacant. My mind, terrorized by the story of the backpack killer and all the possible poisonous snakes and spiders that could crawl through my hotel window. I must sound completely nuts, but that was what was racing through my mind all night. At around 8am I just decided to give up and start my morning exploration around Canberra.

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