Victorias Melting Pot

Wonderful Fitzroy

After a late morning and coffee at my new favorite cafe Dukes Coffee roasters I met up with the crew from the night before for lunch in Melbournes popular Laneways. There are an overwhelming amount of restaurants to choose from it’s almost impossible to settle for one. If you’re in Melbourne it’s definitely something I’d recommend checking out.20170118_113701

In order to get over to Fitzroy you’ll have to take the free tram to the point past the free tram zone into the area towards the Parliament House. When you reach the Parliament house and St.Patricks Cathedral get off the tram and walk north.


St.Patricks Cathedral

Melbourne Museum

(natural history &cultural collections)

The Melbourne Museum is a pretty neat place to see. Unlike many museums I’d been to, this one isn’t free to enter. Fear not, you can pay for a package deal, like I did, which includes an IMAX film and enterance to the museum for a reasonable price. I believe you’re never too old to love dinosaurs, and lucky for me there was a film about them playing in IMAX. The actual Hollywood films cost more than the documentaries, but if you’re down to see a full length film on a huge screen then I suggest you arrive early if you want to see the museum as well.


Out of all the museums I’d been to so far in Australia, this one had to be my least favorite. Other than the IMAX and the creepy insect section, it didn’t stand out much. I did like watching the insect handlers hand roaches and stick bugs to the children for them to learn about them. Though, if they would have pulled out a spider I probably would have ran as far away as possible. They DO have live spiders INSIDE the museum. I nearly barfed at the sight of them. If you’re into bugs, then this is the place for you!


I’ve also never seen a collection of stuffed animals as big as the one inide here. I had to take a panorama in order to fit them all in.


Thursday night pub crawl

I know this may come as shock to you all, but I’m not the biggest fan of drinking or partying. I hadn’t made any friends in my hostel, so I decided to try out the weekly pub crawl in hopes of making a new friend. We started at a bar down the street and were handed free drink cards for the bar. Each bar would supply one free drink to each person. Sweet. The people in the group were all tourists, like myself, but there wasn’t much interaction going on within the group. I spent the evening talking to the Australian girl who sat with me at the first bar. After a few drinks people started to mingle a bit more within the group, and the bars became more busy asthe night went on. There was dancing and with each place, we lost a member of our very small group. At one popular bar hidden between the graffiti ridden walls I found a chair swing SWEET.

 A guy walking by spoke Italian and me, being drunk, got his attention and spoke in Italian for a few minutes. He walked away and the grou of guys in front of my chair swing asked me if I was Italian, to which I replied: no. One of the guys said he was from Spain so I spoke to him in Spanish. By now the guys were completely confused and I got the all to familiar question “How many languages do you speak?!” I told them roughly 5 and they looked at me like I had just grown 5 heads. Unfortunately, I was teared away to move onto the next bar, which I decided to leave shortly after arriving.

By the end of the night I had spoken 4/5 of those languages. The 4th being Korean back in my room with the girls in my room. It was funny because they definitely didn’t expect that. Overall, it was a succesful night. I always like practicing these languages and being able to speak anything other than English when I can. I love Melbourne, it really is Australias melting pot.




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