midnight musings

The girl with a million faces (A drunk excerpt)

This is a follow-up from my post  when I went on a pub crawl and scribbled this excerpt in my travel journal. I’m posting this just for the laughs because I remember feeling so deep and artistic. When I read it while typing it up here the next day my only thought was “What the actual fuck was I drinking last night?!” Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy. Oh, and this is all the original content, only the grammar was edited.

What is a soul without a body?

These flesh and bone structures meant to carry our feelings, aspirations, and consciousness throughout the physical world. Forever wandering. Trapped. Never truly being free. In my soul you’ll find I am the small child with the smiling brown eyes, too young to know pain and suffering. I am the old man sitting alone at a coffee shop, mourning the loss of a dear friend. I am the traveler with the restless feet and dirty, torn shoes worn down by the many roads traveled. I am everyone I have ever met. Absorbing their joys, their sorrows, and their lives one story at a time. In a way, they become me and when I leave, I am forever changed.

On the outside my face is anything but unique. I am a reflection of a diverse planet. Blending into almost every nook and cranny, but never truly belonging to one place. My eyes, almond-shaped and an ever-changing shade of brown. My nose-pointed yet also rounded. My chin cuts at sharp angles yet rounds just enough to keep my identity a mystery. Do not mistake my self-observation as anything other than scrutiny. For if you search for self-love, you’ll find nothing.

I open my mouth and my tongue is well versed in many languages. The confusion, the wonder, the curiosity builds and from their lips escapes “where are you from?” My answer resonates from within and I say “everywhere”.Born in the southern pits of hell of the USA, a mix of latin fusion and European features, I can fit in to a place and raise no suspicions. Able to blend in with everyone else. I’ve been told I look: Middle Eastern, European, South American, Canadian, and the wildest stretch being Chinese and Korean on more than one occasion.

I am the girl with a million faces.18035479_10209093435108417_1253419515_n

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