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Wonderful Hobart

Rather than spend 2 weeks in Melbourne waiting for my flight, I decided to go somewhere for 5 days. I briefly thought of hopping over to the Southern island in New Zealand, but then decided that I wanted to come back another time to give it the time it deserves. That’s when the light hit me and I decided to go to Tasmania! I honestly didn’t know much about it, other than there were probably a lot of deadly animals like the Tasmania Devil. I booked a round trip for under 50$ from Melbourne and was on my way!


One of my best friends was also touring Australia and had just left Tasmania after renting a car and visiting the whole island and he highly recommended it. Since I usually only travel on a backpacker budget, I accepted the fact that the car wasn’t going to happen. That means I had to choose between the North, or the South of Tassie. I booked my hostel in Lancaster and when I landed in Tassie realized I was in Hobart. Haha. Oops..

Warning! Rant ahead

Speaking of flights… They didn’t ask for ANY KIND OF IDENTIFICATION in the airport!? Like, I self-printed my own boarding pass and then walked over to the gate with my luggage. When we were all lined up to board the plane I asked the flight attendant “Is anyone going to check my ID? I could be anyone!” To which she answered, “Oh, someone didn’t check it at the front? Oh, uh..” *shrug* and then let me on the plane. Any time I’ve taken a domestic flight, especially in the USA where I’m a citizen, they always check some sort of ID…. Anyway, apparently it’s not necessary in Australia. Andddd that’s the end of my rant.


When you arrive into Hobart, you can buy a round-trip ticket for the shuttle bus that takes you to your hotel/wherever you want to go. That’s exactly what I did, well, not like I had much options anyway with my budget at this point because damn Australia’s expensive. 

Sunday local Market

Since I have a habit of arriving to my hostels earlier than the check-in time, I decided to go for a walk around. It felt almost like a ghost town, not a single person outside and eerily quiet. That was until I found myself at the local market just down the street.

20170122_090520Here you could find small vendors selling their local honey, produce, coffee, and even food! There were so many choices! After about 20 minutes of contemplating I narrowed it down to either the mexican breakfast burritos or the sushi. I eavesdropped and heard a woman tell her friend that the sushi chef was famous around here and people waited hours to get sushi from him. That was enough to convince me and I waited, well, about an hour. Worth it.

There was also a few street performers, my favorite being the banjo and violin duet. They were pretty solid. Overall, the atmosphere at this little market definitely helped me perk up about the city. The day was already off to a great start.


Stroll around the harbour

After filling my tummy at the market, I wandered downtown towards the water. The buildings are beautiful, it’s reminiscent of older European architecture.


I happily walked around taking pictures and entering the museums in the area.

I did try to walk quickly as I REALLY LOVE seaside cities and I wanted to see the harbour. It is absolutely breath-taking.

20170122_121341 I walked along the boardwalk where the birds waited outside of the restaurants begging for food.

When you walk by, they all fly away and it’s just so beautiful.


Salamanca Market


If you follow the water around you’ll eventually reach a beautiful grassy area where I can only imagine myself picnicking on. But alas, a picnic alone is not a fun picnic, so I just sat and watched this very sunburnt singer with a loop-track doing his best impression of old rock and Nirvana. *spoiler alert* he’s terrible. I eventually got up from resting my aching feet to walk towards the Salamanca Market, WHICH I MISSED. The market apparently runs on Saturdays and is supposed to be a big hit in Hobart. I still checked out the building and made my way into the small courtyard where I became hypnotized by a fountain. I just really liked it, okay?


Great food and live music

This is the part when things get a little random. As I’ve mentioned in a couple of my other posts, I’m a member of a group called Girls Love Travel. I had met up with a few of the members of the group and had been in contact with a couple of girls from Tasmania. One of the girls was up in the north at the Lavender fields, she never called me back ;-;, and the other is a girl with a Volkswagen Kombi van. We had talked for a few days and she invited me to Franks Restaurant and Bar where she was showing the car at an event. I walked over and met her, in a pretty haggard and sweaty state, and we decided to reconvene in a few hours once the event started. And more importantly, I needed a shower desperately. 

When I got back a few hours later, the chairs were starting to fill and the band was playing. I grabbed some mojo pork and rice that they were serving outside and sat down. The food was amazing, I don’t say that often, and the bands were just immaculate. People were up and dancing and having a great time I almost wanted to join them. I sat for a couple of hours while my new Kombi friend finished up and then she took me for my own special tour!

To read more about the Hobart Kombi tour and how you can ride this beauty, click here!


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