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Bruny Island- A foodies paradise!

Another early morning

After a very long day of hiking and walking around outdoors and taking in all the beautiful sights at Freycinet park the day before, my energy had been all but replenished. Note to self: Don’t book back to back tours unless you’re ready to be super tired. Lucky for me the tour I’d signed up for was primarily a bus tour yayyyyyy. I hopped up onto a very packed bus and made my way to the back.

Bruny Island is a small island about 20 minutes away from Hobart by ferry. I met a few girls the day before that tried to go to Bruny Island from the ferry port without a tour and just walked around aimlessly for an hour before heading back.

For this reason I highly suggest booking a tour to take you around Bruny Island or take your car on the ferry. 

Once arriving onto the island our French tour guide let us stop for coffee and breakfast to wake us up a bit. Everyone on the bus was fairly quite up until this point, including myself. I made small talk with some people outside, that looked around my age and came from different parts of the world. They were all solo travelers and I found myself immediately fitting in. I spoke in SPanish with a couple from Argentina and then I spoke Korean to the young guy sitting next to me. At this point I’d already confused the people around me, as usual. As I’ve written before I’m a bit of a polyglot and I always try to speak anything other than English when I have the chance. That’s when the french tour guide singled me out in front of everyone asking me where I was from. I gave her my long and convoluted answer about my wanderer history and she responded with something that struck me “You’re from a little bit of everywhere”. This is the best explanation I’d heard and I think I’ll stick to that answer in the future when someone asks. Anyway, moving on!

The Neck


Since the island isn’t very big, and it attracts a lot of tourists, the highlights can become very crowded. We were running early and got onto the first ferry so that meant we got first dibs on the attractions. The first stop we made was at a viewpoint called “The Neck”. To get to the viewpoint we had to hike a bunch of tiny steps, all while being nearly blown away by the wind.


Me and my new squad took selfies and a bunch of pictures all while laughing at each other and my jokes. I was feeling rather humourous and didn’t mind cracking jokes at myself and the current situation.


The view is absolutely amazing from both sides. I can only imagine how beautiful it would be around sunset.

Honey Tasting

All that laughing helped work up my appetite and I was ready to do my favorite thing other than travel. EAT. The first stop on our food tour was a small mobile home with honey and homemade mustards.


I didn’t buy anything, but it was pretty great to get to try all the different free samples. Before the ACTUAL food tour started, we made a pit stop at a lighthouse for some more breathtaking views.


After a small taste of honey we stopped at this lighthouse up on the cliff side. It was just spectacular.


The wind was a bit unbearable and I could feel the van shaking and trying to withstand being blown over. It made the hike up to the lighthouse very difficult. I just walked up with my group and snapped some shots before running back to the van. The others went down to the beach hoping to see some seals and whales. I don’t believe they saw anything, but apparently you could see spot them if you’re lucky!


Finally! Local delicacies, aka the best part of the tour!

Local berries

A little bit of honey isn’t enough to fill an empty tummy, and after another small trek I was becoming REALLY hungry. The driver assured us that the next stop was at a small berry farm where you can buy cakes, pastries, pancakes, yogurt, and more! I love me some pancakes and I love me some berries so I dropped 9AUD for a plate so beautiful I almost felt bad devouring it.


The berry farm is located next to a gorgeous little beach. While some of the tourgoers stayed relaxing and smoking next to the small berry shop, I decided to go for a walk. I have to put this into a side-show because it was just so stunning.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Chocolate Factory

Our tour guide is friends with many people on the island and told us how much she loved Bruny island and wanted to live here forever. She made a pit stop at a chocolate factory just to see if her friend would give us free chocolate samples. She did, and who would say no to free chocolate??


Feeling fancy French

Drumroll please! This is the part I Was looking forward to, CHEESE!!!~

We split up into 2 benches and had to divide 5 cheese plates between all of us. My little group sat down at one bench, and the others all squeezed onto the other bench. I guess they were afraid to sit with us, which is fine because that meant more cheese for us! The way it was divided, our table got 3 HUGE plates. I was expecting just a couple of pieces of cheese just for tasting, but they gave us a lot! And I had to only share with the girl in front of me, so it was just two if us with all of this food!


We could barely finish it all, meanwhile the other group were left wanting more it seems.  After eating you could go inside the shop and buy some more cheese or hams and jams. You can smell the fresh bread in wood fire oven, and I swear it almost seems like heaven.


Bruny Island Oysters

I’m going to express an unpopular opinion, I don’t like fresh oysters. I have tried them many times and I just feel like I’m eating snot. It’s slimy and wet and salty and just ew. That being said, I ALWAYS try foods I don’t like every time I’m offered just in case I suddenly like it. That was the case here. The tour guide told us in her french accent that would make anyone want to try these oysters “Zeez are de best oysters in ze ole’ world. I just love zeez fresh Bruny Island Oysters, zere is no’sing better.” I mean, if they are the best in the world I mean hell yea I’ll try it! Maybe the other oysters were shit!


Nope, nearly threw up.

I swear these things were still moving! I love seafood! And I’ve eaten just about everything seafood while living in Korea and Florida so it’s not that I don’t like seafood. These oysters made me feel like I was swallowing Posidons baby fluid for an accurate description. It’s like going to the bottom of the ocean and scooping up water and sand and swallowing it whole. Salty water, that’s it. So, if I don’t like the best oysters in the world then it’s safe to say I don’t like them raw. Cook them up before you feed them to me!


White Wallaby

With super full stomachs we finished the tour with a white wallaby hunt. According to the “legend” the white wallaby is only found on Bruny island because an albino wallaby was bred by a man who loved the color so much he continued to breed them. After a while he released them into the wild to go about the island. I’m not sure how true this is, but that’s what I was told. We all glanced outside out windows and by the time I finally saw a fully white one, there are some with white flecks in their fur or white/brownish, in a person’s backyard it was too late to tell the group. I’m the only one that saw one in the whole tour group! Yay me! We also stopped along the way because someone spotted an Echidna. This little animal is so cute! He’s got a long little snoot(nose) and looks like a hedgehog, in a weird way.

Credit goes to google since I couldn’t get close enough for a good picture.
More credit to google because these things are elusive.

Back to Hobart

After a long day on the wonderful Bruny island, we returned back to Hobart. I decided to get dropped off at Woolworths for some groceries. My new Korean friend joined me shopping and we chatted about Korea. We planned to meet up again the next day to see the MONA together.

Back at the hostel I met up with the young German girl who I’d made friends with to play cards. She introduced me to a couple french travelers and a young german guy also staying there. We all played cards for the rest of the night and they even convinced me to play the hostel guitar. I HATE being that person that plays the guitar at the hostel, but they would not stop pressuring me. I started singing and playing and after I was done I actually got an applause and people were starting to sing along, it was a night to remember.

If you want to take this tour, I booked it through Underdownunder. There are many tours that do basically the same thing.


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