Museum of Old and New Art- arguably the coolest art museum I’ve ever been to.

Finally a day of relaxation and sleeping in! Ahhhhh. I woke up late and sauntered outside in search of a cafe to have brunch. I walked towards the area where I’d seen the market on Sunday and there happened to be a few cafes. I have to hand it to Australia, you guys have a great coffee scene. The coffee is great everywhere I’ve been and I wish the southern US would learn to have small cafes instead of just Starbucks at every corner.


After weighing my options of whether or not I should spend the money for the art museum. It seemed quite expensive for an art museum. You also have to factor in the price of the ferry to get there. The convincing factor was Min Jae, my Korean friend from the tour to Bruny Island the day before. He told me there was a way to get there by bus, and was willing to be in charge of directions. My hostel front desk attendant also highly recommended it.


So I sent Min Jae a message and within 20 minutes we’d gone to the street where the buses depart downtown. It took us about 40 minutes on bus to get to the stop, and from there a nice walk through these vineyards to get to the Museum.

Museum of Old and New Art


Walking up to the back of the museum can make finding the entrance quite a struggle.  The road with the vineyards will lead you up a hill and in the side of the museum. When you see this really cool  train thing, you’ll know the enterance is just to the left.


I felt elated that I’d managed to save money by not taking the ferry. I saw all the people shuffling off and fighting to get into the museum and was glad I’d beat the rush. I came into this museum not knowing anything about it other than it was supposed to be a museum catered to young people. After you pay admission they hand you an iPod and earphones and send you underground to the beginning of the museum.


The coolest thing about this iPod is that it automatically scans the area of the museum you are in.  It scans what works of are you are nearby and giver you an option of pressing on it to have more information and audio. It’s so cool! Whenever I go to a museum, especially modern art, I look at the pieces but never understand what is being conveyed. By using the iPod it makes it more fun with small blurbs about what the artist was thinking.


The first area had a small bar where you could get your drink on. Just next to the bar were the bathrooms. The bathrooms have freaking TV’s projecting on the floor in front of you. You can take a shit and watch something at the same time, wow!

Making my way to the 2nd floor I found an area where you can try to draw a work of art by looking into a small round mirror that shows the picture upside down and old a small portion. I didn’t do so well, but it was still a fun attempt.


The changing exhibit was pretty bizarre. It was divided into 4 different rooms, that once you made your way through, you would continue to the next section.


The weirdest room was the room of objects with human features. This was totally bizarre, but that’s what the artist wanted. Something about putting human skin and hair on objects makes it uncomfortable. Well, they succeeded.

Some of my favorite pieces were in the NSFW section or the 18+ where you could see sex depicted everywhere. The most unforgettable piece, according to my hostel receptionist, is called the lonesome cowboy. It is a blue-haired manga character, resembling Goku from dragon ball-Z, holding his dick and making a lasso with his sperm. I could see why this piece stuck out in people’s minds. If you look up you can see a sex tape, meant to show what it might be like to have sex while on acid. It definitely wasn’t boring.

The wall of vaginas

There were other sections that stuck out, like the dark room, the TV room with peopel singing Madonna terribly with no music, the fat car, and just so many more that I could talk about.

Ever wondered what it would be like for a machine to poop? Well wonder no more! Such a creation already exists! Someone engineered a machine that is fed and digests just like a human stomach. Apparently it can also have diarrhea and constipation too depending on what it’s fed. You can’t even imagine the smell, but you can go to the 2 shows they offer each day: Feeding and shitting.

Pooping machine


20170125_143049You walk along these thin planks to get around to the tomb of a mummy. I have no idea how deep the water was and I didn’t intend on finding out, so I wanted to get the hell out of there.

A couple of my favourite pieces were the rotating flowers and birds and the tattooed man. The birds spun around quickly so that, almost like in the old cartoons, it looked like they were flying around the flowers. The man seated above, watches over the first floor and I had no idea that he was actually a piece of art! He sits down for two hours, then he gets up and takes a break. Live human art, now that is cool.




Night hike up to Mt.Wellington

After a totally great day of museums and vineyard walks, I called up Leah, the girl with the VW van,  to see if she wanted to go to Mt.Wellington. It was my last night in Tasmania and I’d still not gone to the top! She swung by my hostel and picked me up at around 9pm and we made our way up. Getting to the top by car took us about 30-40 minutes, I can’t imagine how hiking up would be! I considered hiking up earlier in the day but was put was convinced out of it. Leah got a little bit lost, but we were able to see an endangered animal on the way up called a Bilby, along with a few wallabies.

Cute lil bilby courtesy of Google



When we finally reached the top I was so glad I brought a jacket and Leah brought an extra blanket. The wind is chilly and it’s very strong! There are also no lights so you have to make sure to bring a torch(flashlight). We seemed to be the only ones up there and I couldn’t help but become mesmerized by the town lights and all the stars. I could have sat up there watching those flickering lights for all eternity. I didn’t want to leave, but my hands were nearly frozen so I didn’t have a choice. I was so happy that I was able to have the opportunity to go up there in the evening. I returned to the hostel filled with euphoria, until the german guy in my hostel said something that crushed my happiness. Apparently there is such thing as a southern Borealis  which is like the Aurora Borealis up in the north, but instead of blues and greens, you get greens and purples. I HAD NO IDEA THIS WAS A THING! And apparently there was a chance of visibility the night before I’d been up there. Talk about a buzz kill. I think if someone were to propose to me up on that hill with all those lights, I could say yes no matter who they were!

Tasmania stole my heart in just 4 days. I have to say it’s made its way up to my top favorite place in the world. I hope one day I can come back and explore more of the island, but I have to say thanks for everything Tassie! You are exquisite!


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