Chinese New Year and saying goodbye to Magnificent Australia


Being my last day in Straya, I decided to just relax. I had to set my alarm for 3am that night in order to catch my bus to the airport at 5. It was going to be another night of no sleep so I wanted to sleep as much as I could during the day. Eventually I got bored and sent a message to the boys from yesterday, excluding the creeper, to see if they wanted to chill with me for a while. One of them met me near Bourke street and our friend from Madrid was running late, it seems as per usual. We walked around and went shopping. I wanted to buy my boyfriend a gift for Valentines day and who better to help than another guy! Right?

Chinese New Year aka Solnal in Korea


Thanks to this holiday I was able to stay a few more days in Australia having extended my winter vacation to flood through new year. We’d walked around China town in Melbourne and I’d almost completely forgotten about it. Time tends to blur together once you’ve stopped paying attention to dates. We saw a group of people huddled around near a Chinese restaurant and walked over to see what was going on. There was a show of two Chinese Lions (dragons?) doing some kind of dance. It was super cool and I’d never seen anything like it while living in Korea. I was hoping to see something like this in Asia, but go figure I saw it in Australia.20170127_181844

It was quite impressive and I was quite enjoying myself until I saw flashing lights and was deafened by the sound of explosions. Considering all the shit going on around the world and what had happened a week before on Bourke St, I immediately went into fight or flight mode. I started to walk quickly as far away as possible. I looked back and saw people still crowded around, it turns out it was just some kind of firework. Now, in the USA I’m pretty used to seeing fireworks. I’ve never  seen or heard ones like that. Maybe I was overreacting, but I actually feared for my life a few seconds. In the end nothing happened and the dragons started following us through the street in a sort of parade.


Last supper

We’d finally found our late friend and went to this mall to find food. It was all fun until the guy from Pakistan insulted me twice. He called me chubby and said that I don’t know how to do makeup. Way to be blunt, asshole. One girl walking by had heard it and defended me. Turns out she knows that guys I was with and works with them. I told the boys that I was going to hang out with this girl instead of them, and I did. We went back to their work and we enjoyed a drink. How does that even happen?? Meeting a girl as she walks by and then getting a drink, we just met! Hahah I live for situations like these! We spent the evening eating and drinking and having fun.

It was a perfect end to an even more perfect vacation in the land down under.

Thank you Australia! You are absolutely amazing and I will forever remember my time in your beautiful country filled with even more beautiful people. Until next time, Cheers!


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