midnight musings

P.A.D. or Post Adventure Depression

You’re itchy feet make it back home after a long journey. You get used to speaking your native language once again. The world loses its bright vivid color and becomes a pallet of dull browns and greys. Familiar faces come in and out of your life for a couple of weeks following your return. The dizzying high that clouded your mind starts to start to fizzle away.

You’re left looking at a canvas that you remember painting years prior. In it you see the life you lead before. Before you went soul-searching across the globe in distant lands which names you can’t quite pronounce. You stare at that canvas intently, waiting for it to change on its own. It doesn’t. You begin to pick at the layers and layers of dried paint trying to get back to that blank canvas.

traveling has a way of unravelling the soul in search of those ghosts that you had run so far from. We are all tempted to leave in some way or another by an event or person. Something pushed you to leave it all behind and go to a place where no one knows your name and you can be whoever you are. The sensation is addicting. But you can’t run forever. These ghosts will always come and haunt you no matter how far you run. Not only that, but they will build and build until they have a hold on you so tightly you can’t wiggle free. This is what I like to call Post Adventure Depression.

What can be done to help remove this weight? The very things that you left behind are all of a sudden staring you back in the face and you’re left speechless. All you want to do is book another ticket and keep running, always living in those happy and carefree memories. But happiness doesn’t last forever when you’re confronted with reality.

Now maybe what I’m saying makes no sense, but to those of you out there who feel a dark cloud looming above your head when you go back home, know you’re not alone. If this fact alone isn’t enough to console you, then take solace in the comfort of those things you cherished before and look up to your next adventure. It’s never that far away.

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