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Life Lessons Traveling Taught Me

While there are countless lessons the world can teach you, these are some of the few I can share from my time traveling solo around the world.

If you seek happiness, you’ll never find it. If you seek meaning, you’ll find it and be happy.20170114_130359

You can bear any ‘how’, if you have a ‘why’.


There is no meaning of life, only meaning within life.



Suffer bravely. You are the only one that can define meaning.


Burn no Bridge and close no doors. You never know how often those bridges and doors come in handy in the future.


Treat everyone with love. You never know what someone might be going through.


Never forget where you came from. Those events made you who you are today.



Live with no regret. You are not guaranteed tomorrow so fill your life with purpose. Which goes along with…

Recognize your mortality.


Instead of praying your way into the afterlife, spend the life you have doing good deeds for others just because you can. You shouldn’t do good deeds out of fear of the uncertain.img_20150504_135425947_hdr

Sometimes the people with the least are the happiest.

Iphone pictures 858




Never let money become the most important objective. You’ll lose sight of the things that matter the most.


Less is more. Ridding your life of the unnecessary clutter can be freeing.


Don’t be afraid to get lost every once in a while. Sometimes no plan is the best plan.

Most importantly, take a leap of faith. The world isn’t an inherently bad place and not everyone is set out to hurt you. Say yes to things, you never know where you might end up.

My second family. I met them while hiking in Peru and they invited me to live with them. I did!

*Shoutout to my good friend David for sharing a few of these! If anyone else wants to add their own lessons below I’d love to hear them! 

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