My Experience With an Italian “Hair Artist”


While in Messina, just a couple of days before my departure to Spain, I made a comment about how heavy my hair was feeling. I usually let my hair grow to about where my breasts are before I get annoyed and chop it all off. See, my mother is a hairdresser and has been the one I go to whenever I want to change my look. I didn’t allow her to cut my hair before I left for Europe because I was trying to let it grow to keep me warm in the winter. Also, I had a pretty traumatic experience in Korea with a hairdresser so I really wanted to grow it out.


Upon making this comment, Giulio’s mother promptly suggested we go to her hair artist, and he will find a cut and style that would suit me. I didn’t fight too hard and figured “why not?” It all happened so fast! I made the comment and then a couple of hours later I was sitting in the chair.

The girls at the desk were very warm and welcoming, offering me some coffee or a beverage while I waited for the stylist to be free. Once I met him, he started speaking to Giulio’s mother about my hair and what he thinks we should do. I tried my best to follow along, but they were speaking too quickly for me to understand. The only thing I understood was, “we are going to cut it medium length.” Next thing I know he pulls out the razor and uses a technique I’d never seen. He slashed my hair with the razor. I saw my hair fall to the floor and terror struck. Then he came with the thinning scissors and said “Let’s play a little!” Oh god. He twirled my hair and snipped excessively and I felt a knot in my throat holding back tears. I was terrified I would end up like those runway models with strange tips sticking up and a shaved undercut.

When my mother does my hair, or anyone, there are two things I always refuse. The thinning scissors, because my hair is fine anyway, and the razor because it damages the ends.

After about 5 minutes, he finished and my hair littered the floor. I had a choppy looking mullet. FFS. Then they put me in another chair to get color. I told them I didn’t want color because I am so low maintenance! I just wanted a simple, easy to manage style. After pitching a fit, Giulio’s mother came by to convince me to get the color and I felt defeated once again.


The woman used a brush technique that, again, was new to me. She also used tissue to separate the hair instead of foils. Very interesting. She reassured that the color would be subtle and I crossed my fingers that she would be right.


When she was finished I was moved to the chair to get my hair washed in a massage chair, pretty much the best part of going to the salon in my opinion. I relaxed and nearly forgot about everything.

Then, to my surprise, she styled it and I absolutely loved it!


All that terror for nothing! It actually looked amazing. Whenever you cut so much hair, and put yourself in new shoes, it is always nerve wrecking. The team at this salon made me feel right at home and I love each and every one of them! I honestly can’t wait to go back! Everyone, La Mamma is always right!


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