Cinderella in Taormina- My first Sicilian wedding

I’m back in Sicily once again! I just can’t get enough I guess. 😉 This time it isn’t only for a small vacation, but for the wedding of two magnificent people! I remember coming to Taormina the first time and seeing all the beautiful wedding parties walking up and down the street. I never thought, I’d be one of them yet here we are.

Getting ready

Knowing that the wedding was going to be very elegant, there was a lot of pressure on me to “be perfect”. My boyfriend, Giulio, was what they call a Testimone. Which, in English would be equivalent to Best Man. The duty of the Testimone is to bare witness to the marriage and sign the wedding documents. This meant that, as the girlfriend of the Testimone, I had to be il-top.

Now, I am not sure if you guys can tell from my pictures, but I am not easy to shop for. I have broad shoulders, bigger than average breasts, a smaller waist (I guess that means like an hourglass) and the worst part big feet. I wear, on average, a size 11 (43EU) in women’s. Trying to find heels in this size in Madrid is almost impossible. I searched for over a month for the perfect dress that would fit,without making me look like a box. I searched even longer for a pair of shoes that would match said dress. The week before the big day, I finally had everything complete with coat and accessories.


Upon arriving in Sicily, Giulio’s mother gave me gifts (disguised as Babbo Natale aka Santa) that would fit better with my dress. La mamma always knows best, as I’ve said before.

She also made an appointment to my favorite hair artist and a makeup/face cleaning at the aesthetic center. 4 hours later I was finally ready and it was like a complete transformation (see below).


The Wedding

The wedding itself was in the most important cathedral, Il Duomo di Taormina. Everyone was dressed in their finest clothes. Lavish fur coats an jewelry, that more than likely costs more than my masters degree, decorated many women in the church. Now I could see why I had to be perfect. In Sicily it seems like wedding are not only to watch people join together forever, but also a way to affirm your social status. I, being the peasant that I am, was super unprepared for the elegance and grace that was this wedding.


The bride arrived in a fancy white car wearing the most perfect and elegant gown and looking like a porcelain doll. You could feel the room staring in awe at her beauty. I’m pretty sure my jaw dropped too! Even though my boyfriend was standing up near the alter, my attention was completely stuck on the bride (sorry Giulio) which I guess every bride wants on their special day. When it ended I was told we would have to go outside and throw rice. This ACTUALLY happens! I thought it was just something that happened in the movies, but no! Though it did feel like I was in a movie at this point because it was just absolutely stunning.



The Reception

After the wedding we all meet at the hotel. Since I had to fly the day after the wedding we decided to stay in the same hotel as the reception, and as the bride and groom. We were staying the Hotel Diodoro an absolutely stunning hotel with a huge pool and amazing view of Mount Etna.

IMG_3332There were horduvoires of every kind and champagne of great quality. Unfortunately, if you started talking and meeting people, then you would miss out on all the delicacies splayed out across the room. I wasn’t worried because I was warned to skip breakfast and lunch, meaning, there was a lot more food to come.

To my surprise there were 2 women in the crowd dressed in multi-colored spots like a clown. I wondered what they were doing when I realized they were asking the kids if they wanted to come play with them. The women were from a company it seemed that took the kids to a separate area with inflatable houses and games to keep them busy, and most importantly, away from the adults. This, while strange, is a pretty great concept. Though the older kids, I’d noticed 2 or 3, didn’t like the idea of not being a part of “the adults”.



We all flooded into the banquet hall, complete with the most beautiful Christmas tree and elegant decor. We checked the map to see our seating arrangement and I was surprised to see, that out of all the other 30 possible tables, we were put in the table in front of the bride in groom.


For dinner we had a 5 course meal. It started with fresh raw fish, with some wonderful tangy and sweet sauce. Then a pistachio and mushroom risotto, followed by trofie (a kind of pasta) with swordfish, eggplant, and tomato sauce. Then the secondi of dentice, a kind of fish, which they actually brought into the hall at it was enormous. More importantly it was tasty. It ended with the most delicious and moist wedding cake I’ve ever tasted.


While enjoying the amazing food,the bride and groom walked around to every table to make conversation. Meanwhile, at my table the boys had their phones out watching the Juventus vs Intermilano football game of the season. Anytime someone would score they would banter back and fourth with the other tables. At one point even the groom came by to get the scoop on the game.


After dinner, but before dessert, the Bride and Groom walked to the middle of the room and danced. I thought for sure, as girlfriend of one of the best men, I would also have to dance but it was over after one song. I then realized that there is only ONE song and it’s not like the US where you get down and shake what yo mamma gave ya. It was one song and one dance and that was the end!  Thinking back, I don’t know why I thought that would happen at such an elegant wedding. Though, I must say it’s a hilarious thought to entertain.

The Bouquet

After Dessert we filled the small area we had been in for the appetizer where there were now hundreds of assorted sweets and liquors. I wish I could have drunk more than I did, but at such an event we shouldn’t get too out of control. At this point I was sure I had grown a 3rd stomach, otherwise how else could I have eaten so much?


Then it was the moment all the single ladies had been waiting for… The throwing of the bouquet. There were about 8 of us “single ladies” and for some reason many people wanted me to catch it, much to my boyfriends dismay. In fact, I’m sure he prayed to every god in existence that I wouldn’t catch it. Which, must have worked because it ended up being the sister of the groom who caught the bouquet.

After “passing the torch” it was officially time to come to a close. The bride and groom stood next to a table of bomboniere (gift) for each guest. When I opened it I found that it was a collectible ceramic plate from Denmark. When I returned to my room I threw my heels as far away as possible and fell immediately to sleep. It had been such an amazing day and I truly felt like Cinderella, in the “rags to riches” sense. The fanciest occasion I’ve ever had to prepare for up until now was the captains dinner on the cruise ship this summer. To be included in such an elegant event, in a spectacular venue, with such high-class people, and wearing a look costing a few hundred dollars, really made me feel like a princess for a day.


That being said, I have to give a huge thank you to Simone and Claudia for the invitation and letting me a part of their special day. I also have to thank Giulio and parents for helping me look “top-notch”. And above all I have to thank my lucky stars that I have had the fortune of meeting such wonderful people this year.


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    1. I don’t understand what information it is that you need? A wedding in Taormina? If you need information I could ask the bride and groom. Perhaps if you want to speak to me in Spanish, Italian, or French that way you could explain better?



  2. Thanks for some other excellent post. Where else may anyone get that kind of info in such an ideal approach of writing? I have a presentation subsequent week, and I’m at the search for such info.


    1. If I understand correctly you’re referring to my writing style? I follow a few blogs and I liked the idea of adding headers to my writing to keep it organized. I also organize everything chronologically. I hope this answers your questions 🙂 Thanks for the support!


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