Europe midnight musings

Personal Update From Madrid

Hey everyone! I know I haven’t been writing as much as I could be, but there are good reasons I promise! So as you may have noticed I just posted my Christmas entry, and we are almost in February meaning I’m really behind. I haven’t had time to write and catch up because my current life in Madrid has been pretty hectic. However, I wanted to give you all an update.

  1. I was offered a job as a freelance official blogger on my University’s student blog. Those entries tend to take up more time, and more priority, since it’s something that can help my career.
  2. My Masters thesis 1st draft is due in a few days. In the last few months I have been spending all of my free time working on it to make it as complete as possible.
  3. My housing situation has become hostile between roommates. I told off one of my male roommates for contacting me only to get into my best friends pants. His cousin also had a huge party in which they all smoked inside the kitchen (against contract). I have asthma so I threatened to call the landlord and she got very angry.
  4. Speaking of my asthma I’ve ended up in the emergency room at least four times since arriving in Madrid. I go to the doctor nearly every week to try and figure out why I always get sick.
  5. I have finally made one good friend in Madrid. The other friend I knew in Korea is a bit busy since she has her boyfriend. This means I don’t really get out of the house much.
  6. Living here is so expensive that, any free time I do have, I try to teach private lessons.
  7. Thinking about my next move after Spain also occupies much of my thoughts.
  8. Oh, and my job attacked me on Monday telling me they wanted to fire me out of the blue. They didn’t, as we tried to solve their issues, but it really just makes my impression so far more negative. (In case you’re wondering why they wanted to fire me, it’s a really long story but it boils down to my job being an auxiliary and the job duties I need to fulfill not being clear and me not being a mind-reader. Mixed with their lack of confrontation and preference to talk in secrecy until they want to explode. Also their push-back to me doing my masters degree, which is apparently separate, and this isn’t like an internship. I also think my telling them I only planned to stay one year may have stirred up commitment issues.)

So as you guys can see, life here isn’t going well for me and I don’t have the time nor the mental stamina to create wonderful writings for all of you. They will come, just slower than I’d like. As always I appreciate your support and I look forward to telling you all about my travels! In the mean time you can check out my official blogger posts below and I will have 3 more being published throughout the next couple of months.



(I know that last one is a bit ironic, but it’s general advice for making anywhere your home)

Peace, love, and international hugs


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