Unforgettable Italian-Polish Wedding in Gdansk

This isn’t going to be a very long post as the Bride and Groom wanted me to respect their privacy, but I just had to share the experience.


After having spent Christmas in Turkey, our next step on our winter holiday was a wedding in Gdansk, Poland. This is something I had very much looked forward too all winter. 1. Because I’d never been to Poland and always wanted to and 2. Because I loved the last Italian wedding and knew it would be a night to remember. Giulio had protested a bit since he’d come down with the flu, but I pushed him into the plane. Worth it. Not going to lie I was terrified on the plane since it was a small one, and at one point there was a “code purple” and a hell of a lot of turbulence. Just thanking my lucky stars we made it okay.

Our plane must have been 75% wedding party because everyone seemed to know each other, which was pretty cool. Though, when we arrived we all went our separate ways. The hotel we stayed at was in the center of the city and apparently had just opened it’s doors 3 months before. It still had the new smell. You know, like when you buy a new car and it smells new? Well, that was what the hotel smelled like. It was also one of the most modern hotels I’d ever seen! Everything was managed by touch screen, including the doors and lights inside the rooms. The best part is, it’s also a brewery! Not only did we have this super cool hotel, but it was also affordable!



Since Giulio was sick I didn’t get a chance to visit the city, but I did gaze outside through the window at the wonderful and unique architecture. The following day we woke up bright and early to head to the place where the wedding would take place. It was located in a remote area of the city surrounded by beautiful pastures and trees. Not sure if you all know this, but I love the countryside.


After getting dressed, we walked over to the bus to take us to the church. The wedding itself was so elegant. The priest spoke both Polish and Italian and there was live music it was just so wonderful. After it was over, rather than throw rice, we all got sparklers. Not going to lie, it was pretty cool to see all the sparks flying around us.

Then came the reception.

We found our assigned seats and I’d met Giulio’s old colleagues and their +1’s. I think they were a bit shocked that I spoke Italian. After having admired the exquisite nature-themed decor, I had a look at the menu…. Holy Guacamole was there a marathon ahead of us. We started with the meal, then there was a buffet, then there was cake and it went on and on and on. Meanwhile the MC was playing music and coordinating traditional Polish wedding dances, one of which I’d done with my students the week before in music class. At one point they called for the groom and started throwing him up in the air. The games and dancing and music and vodka continued all night.



I have to say, it was the most fun I’d ever had at a wedding.

By the time it hit 4am, Giulio and I had left, having only been one of the first to leave. We set the alarm for 10am since there was a still a breakfast/boar to be eaten for the “after party”. We sat at the same table as the night before and ate until we couldn’t breath. We laughed and said our goodbyes to all the wonderful people we’d met over those glorious 48 hours and headed to the airport for our next adventure in The Netherlands.

It was definitely a night I’ll soon not forget. Big thanks to the bride and groom, who will remain anonymous, for inviting me to their special day. I hope to see you again soon back in Poland!




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