5 Things I LOVE about Madrid in the Spring


The flowers, the colors, the perfect weather. It’s just the best. Being in Spain during spring is like being on a Hollywood movie set. There are just so many things to love about the spring, other than all the lovely pollen, and I’m going to list for you all my top 5.

1. Puentes

Obviously the first thing I’ll say is that I love all the puentes! Puente means “bridge”. However, in this case the bridge is metaphorical and signifies having a holiday during the week but giving an extra day off to bridge that holiday and make it longer. For example: the Fiesta de La Comunidad de Madrid is on May 2nd and their Labor Day is May 1st. Since these two dates fall on a Tuesday and a Wednesday they may “bridge” the holiday by saying you don’t have to work on Monday in order to enjoy 5 days off of work.

Hooray! 20180428_120716.jpg

There are at least three puentes in the spring for people who work in public schools and you’re damn right it’s a great opportunity to travel somewhere within Europe for a few days.

2. Patio Party!

Once the weather gets warm enough to sit outside all the restaurants start whipping out their patio furniture and outdoor seating in the terrazas. This is fantastic for anyone who has been aching to feel the warm sunlight on their skin, like I have. I have become so pale this winter that I if I told you I was Latina, you would not believe me. There also just something amazing about sitting outside enjoying some refreshing tinto de Verano in the sun without sweating because the weather is perfect. 🙂

3. So Much Sun

The sun is out to play for a lot longer in Madrid. I understand now why Spain is known as “Sunny Spain”. The sun literally doesn’t go down until about 9:30PM everyday and comes up around 6AM. That averages to around 14 hours of sunlight a day! This is awesome because even though you spend your days locked inside at work, or in school you, can still enjoy the sun and feel energized enough to want to go out.

My recommendation for where to catch the sunset when it finally does set: Templo de Debod aka “The Egyptian Temples”.

4. Buen Retiro Park


I’m lucky enough that I live only a 10 minute walk from Retiro and can go get some fresh air whenever I want. The park is always pretty lively, but during the springtime it increases by tenfold. People are everywhere. Literally! People are you laying in the grass, skateboarding around the fountains, dancing, bicycling, running, and just genuinely enjoying themselves.

Plus there is so much to see in Retiro and there are always events going on, like the book fair that it just hosted a few weeks ago and Las Hogueras De San Juan.

It is also the only place in Madrid that you can find peacocks roaming around freely. They walk around the palace grounds with their little baby chicks and it is definitely something you won’t want to miss.

You can also just take a stroll to the Retiro Park Lake and enjoy a canoe ride or a beer with some friends.


5. The Colors!

You can walk around the palace and see the flowers or just stroll along any area in downtown and you’ll be inspired by all the colors. In some areas you can even smell the lavender as you walk by. My favorite spot I actually found by accident. In the center tucked away in one of the many alleys is this street called Calle de Conde. The houses are all painted different colors and it makes you feel like you’re walking through the village in “It’s a small world” at Disney.


Of course there are so many other things to love in Madrid during the spring, like hiking or rooftop bars, but I hope my top five will inspire you to come to Madrid and find your own top five!

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